I am an actor. I have studied and worked, among the others, with L. M. Musati, L. Ronconi, G. Sepe, alternating prose with teatrical improvisation. In 2014 e in 2015 I took part to the Spoleto International Festival "dei Due Mondi" with the theater shows “The Dubliners – part.1: The Dead” and “The Dubliners – part.2: Ivy Day”, directed by Giancarlo Sepe. In 2017 I made my debut as director with the theatrical show "Per colpa di un coniglio" (in which I also co-starred). I have been a dancer as well, and the music always accompanies and strengthens my creativity. Today I want to play movies, making people laugh, move, think. And tomorrow I would like to have the possibility and the means to find and help the future young independent artists. At the moment I have fun by pulling out the surreal in the real, as it happens in my web videos (#MindTheGag, #MindTheStories, and others), that you can find in the Video section of the website.


  • 2018 “Benji” Director Giorgia Filanti
  • 2017 “Per colpa di un coniglio” Directors Moira Angelastri, Paolo Camilli
  • 2015 “The Dubliners part.2: Ivy Day” Director Giancarlo Sepe - 58’ Festival di Spoleto
  • 2015 “Amletó” Director Giancarlo Sepe
  • 2014 “The Dubliners part.1: The Dead” Director Giancarlo Sepe - 57’ Festival di Spoleto and Roma
  • 2012/2013 “Le Piccole Cose” Director Daniela Amato
  • 2012 “Pari e Patta” jury award “Corti Teatrali
  • 2012” Director Daniela Amato
  • 2012 “Potestad” Director Antonio Serrano
  • 2012 “In origine e nient'altro” Director Antonio Serrano
  • 2009/2012 Improv show with the company Improvvivo(Liit)
  • 2011 “Sogno di una notte di mezza estate” W. Shakespeare, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2011 “Così è, se vi pare” L.Pirandello, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2011 “Improvvisamente l'estate scorsa” T. Williams, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2011 “Scene di Follia” W. Shakespeare, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2011 “Brevi Atti Comici” G. Courteline, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2010/2011 “Il Cuore in Bocca” Teatro Canzone with the italian singer Lighea, Director Stefano De Bernardin
  • 2010-2011 “Lo Zoo di Vetro” T. Williams, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2010 “Tieste” of Seneca, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2010 ”Agamennone” Eschilo, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2010 “Riccardo II” W. Shakespeare, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2010 “La Mandragola” N. Machiavelli, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2010 “Medea” Seneca, Director Luigi Maria Musati
  • 2008/2010 “Il Bagaglione della Marca di Fermo” satirical comedy shows, Director Regia Piero Massimo Macchini
  • 2008/2010 “Comic Lab”

Tv series

  • 2015 "Tutto può succedere" Director Lucio Pellegrini


  • 2013/2014 “Galbusera Buoni Così” (pink rabbit) director: J. Immesoete
  • 2017 “Peroni”

Short film

  • 2012 “Una Furtiva Lagrima” Director Michele Moscatelli

Web series

  • 2013 “Il Signor Nessuno” Director Francesco Felli
  • 2012 “Dark Fall” Director Luca Calone


  • 2014/2015 Singing lessons with Marida Augeri
  • 2013 Dubbing lessons with Anna Teresa Eugeni
  • 2012 Venice Biennale with the director Luca Ronconi
  • 2012 Workshop in biomechanics with Giada Parlati, Teatro La Cometa
  • 2011-2012 acting workshops with Massimo Di Michele, Gianluca Ferrato, Fabrizio Romagnoli, Massimo Venturiello, Luigi Maria Musati, Giorgio Rossi, Enrico Bonavera
  • 2009/2011 Modern dance with Patrizio De Lelli
  • 2010 “exercises in style in improvisational theatre” with Alfredo Cavazzoni
  • 2007/2011 workshop of breath, rebirthing, voice and character with Gila Manetti
  • 2007/2009 Degree Biennial School for Drama and Improvisational theatre of Improvvivo-Liit


    • dance, acrobatic rock'n'roll, boogie woogie, twist
    • tai-chi